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Real Time Christian Leads

Real Time Christian Leads are a perfect way to connect with other Christians who are seeking a home-based business opportunity. Prospects respond to one of our Christian-specific, online home business ads, like you see on the right. Leads are then delivered to you as a Live, Real Time lead.

Connect with Christians looking to make an honest living from home with a solid, stable company. So, why not introduce them to yours?

Want to customize your leads? There are options available to select by Gender, by Country (US or Canada), by Time Zone and to send (redirect) the lead to your personal website.

To choose these options for your real time leads, click on the "More Options +" link below.

Our Christian leads are a full surveyed lead, where the prospect has filled out an online survey to further qualify themselves.

Click on the image to see a sample website, similar to what your prospects are filling out. Each lead comes with:

  • full name
  • postal address
  • email
  • telephone
  • time zone
  • best time to call
  • interest level
  • amount of time to invest
  • money willing to invest
  • desired income
  • reason
  • time stamp and IP address

We provide a free leads administration panel with your order giving you the ability to:

  • Control Lead Delivery - Receive your leads when you want them!
  • Set Daily Delivery Cap - Maximum leads you want per day.
  • Report Invalid Leads - 100% Replacement on eligible invalid leads.
  • View or Download all Leads.
  • Order Leads.

Select Your Leads Package

Quantity Description Total

Select Your Primary Business Opportunity

Select Your Target Gender

A 20% sorting fee is applied on Gender specific leads.

Select Your Target Country

No additional charge for country specific sorting.

Select Your Target Time Zones

A 20% sorting fee is applied on time-zone specific leads.

Select Your Redirect Option

A $1.25 per lead sorting fee is applied on Redirected Leads.

NOTE: Please use your secure URL (i.e. secure URLs start with https like the example in the field above).

Set Your Daily Cap

Select Your Lead Delivery Start Time

"The results have been tremendous"

"I've been trying out some various MLM lead sources and ordered the short form real time leads. The results have been tremendous. I've been reaching a lot of live, interested people, and my phone has been ringing off the hook for interviews. I've been recommending you to everybody in my downline."

Robert W. Luhrsen Gold Executive with Photomax
"The most responsive I've ever purchased"

"Just want you to know that your leads are the most responsive I've ever purchased. There are really serious people who want my information than in any other of the MLM leads program I've used. Thanks for your help. I'll order again when I get through all this order."

Ann Ray Xango
"We are very pleased with the conversion"

"We have been using since the end of March, 2007 and recommending them to our team. We are very pleased with the conversion from the 1-7 day old email leads and the price is affordable for everyone. We use them with an autoresponder and once they sign up for our free offer, follow up with them. We are delighted to discover they are very qualified MLM leads with people eager to get their business started. The support with National Leads is phenomenal. They offer training and tips for good tools we can use with our businesses. The owner is funny, very personable and has a great heart for people. Take our word for it, this is the kind of home business leads company you want to make a part of your advertising budget."

Lynne and Jim Wood Star Directors